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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I've attached an archive of what I've done so far. Be warned the only graphics are a few brown platforms and all the program does is scroll a small level on a continual loop until you press escape. Of more interest to some will be the source code which I've included in both Blitz Basic and standard text format. I've commented it too, possibly not brilliantly but if anybody's got any queries I could always improve it at a later date.

I appreciate this is a very modest effort so far and lots of work is still to be done. However, at least it's a start and it gives me something to build on and if I'm making my progress as public as this it will give me a big incentive to continue.

My next goal is to get the player's sprite on the screen and moving correctly. The actual mechanics of the game shouldn't be too tricky but the key is in the movement and responsiveness of the controls. That'll take some time to fine-tune.
Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
However the main reason I have posted my current work is that I think it could be interesting following how a game develops from its embryonic stages to the finished product, and so some of the would-be programmers can hopefully gain their own inspirations and ideas from the source code. So I will be posting updated versions on a regular basis, when there are tangible differences between each version
Thanks for getting this started, Graham. I'm even going to try following your progress myself - see if it can broaden my horizons a bit.

Don't worry about the modest start. I'm a complete n00b at this stuff, so that'll make it all the more easy for me to get my head round it.

Downloading your first archive now...
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