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I like the concept..
But it has to be simple to get into and use..

I did a LOT of BASIC programming on the C64..
Why, it was easy...

When I got my Amiga, I loaded BASIC right away...
No line numbers?? Hmmm.... More structured???

I will totally agree that it's "better" from a programming perspective but I did almost NO BASIC programming on the Amiga..

Now, I eventually did some programming on the Amiga, but I decided pretty early on to go with C. I didn't know it, but if I was going to "work" at it, I decided to work at C..

I accept the fact that BASIC on the Amiga probably wouldn't have been difficult to learn or use..
But it wasn't as easy as BASIC on the C64, at least not to me and not initially.
And that's all it took...

BASIC on the C64 was just so simple to use that it made me "want" to use it...

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