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The problem with the caanoo wasnt just the pandora sadly. (although the promise of a pandora was tempting to many people) The devs werent that interested once they realised hardware wise it was just an incompatible wiz with a different joystick and bigger screen. Some of the devs were even pissed they replaced the wiz so quickly and their software didnt work anymore on the new version.

Also instead of giving away caanoos to proven wiz and gp2x devs they gave them away to random people on facebook participating in silly competitions at launch. That pissed some people off also.

GPH made some real bonehead mistakes with that. Its a shame because its quite a nice unit and GPH had the whole hardware manufacturing thing down pat delivering a quality unit, that was innexpensive in a timely fashion. If the caanoo came out instead of the wiz I bet GPH would still be around making hardware. Possibly something with android on it by now.

The pandora is also lacking in software, dont get me wrong for the amount of units in actual peoples hands it is an incredible ratio but It seems the lure of making a couple of bucks per customer for an app on iDevices and Androids is very tempting to many homebrew devs now days given the sheer volume of potential customers.

If the Pandora gets a decent AGA amiga emulator with HDD support and a usable interface I will be in nerd heaven.
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