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It doesnt qualify for import fees in Oz. I was an early pre-orderer so I got mine at the original price 2 or so years later but managed to track down a used one to keep me happy before that arrived.

I agree they were a lot more desirable before the price hike and are a little long in the tooth spec wise now. Still an awesome little minature computer though and I use it quite a bit. If you can get your hands on one you will definetely love it, anyone who is even half a nerd would. The only owners who complain about them are either perfectionists or complete tards who cant figure them out, oh and people who unfortunately got faulty units

edit:@Akira, I just noticed your post after I posted. I can get a full computer for the price of your netbook which would run emulators even better than your netbook.
The point I am making by that is, it isnt a netbook at all. Its closer to the size of a phat Nintendo DS to give you some idea. I also have a caanoo and its not the same as that either.
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