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Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
I don't recommend Canoo,WYZ or Dingoo consoles.They are only used to emulate and [...] they don't have their own games or games are very poor and non-professional.
These consoles are meant to run emulators, who needs games of their own? Who is going to develop exclusive games for such an obscure system? If you bought any of these thinking it would have commercial-grade, exclusive releases, you made a pretty huge mistake and you didn't investigate enough :/

Any mobile nowadays equals or exceeds the CPU of these consoles
Playing emulators on a mobile is retarded. Touchscreen controls are just mega stupid. Doesn't make any sense. A Caanoo emulating is much better than any phone, if only because of the real gaming interface.

PJ: The Caanoo did indeed suffer, though, of lack of development. The Pandora took the attention of all the devs away from the Caanoo. It is a shame, indeed, the machine is really nice.

The C64 emulator runs like arse, it needs optimizations, but the Amiga emu runs OK, I managed to play many games at full speed. Have you fiddled with the options?

OTher than the Pandora (meh), the Caanoo is the only portable platform that runs Amiga games at decent speed.
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