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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
They'll definitely be produced but unfortunately the price is unjustifiable for me now, too... €445.

Best of luck to them. To me, it seems they've got themselves between a rock and a hard place.
Where was that announced? Last I heard the new price hasnt been decided yet and the "premium" price was €383. I dont know about VAT and such though so do you mean with VAT it was €445?

I have two of them so perhaps it will be a good time to be an evil ebay whore.

This was the last I heard EvilD comment about pricing: LINK
Originally Posted by EvilDragon
Originally Posted by RunningSpoon
Now this brings another question which I know we get answer someday, but is the final cost of pandora decided yet? How about shipping costs?
Still working that out. It's a pretty complex calculation... so we'll see.

Link (from will probably ship all the Pandoras to US customers. He'll get a big package from me and will ship them from there.

This will save a lot of shipping costs for all US customers
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