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I totally love my Caanoo and being able to run Amiga games almost always at full speed is a great thing I Never expected from it when I bought it. I even run ProTracker in it and it runs like a charm. I wouldn't get a Caanoo FOR Amiga emulation, but for many other reasons, and as a nice bonus you'd get pretty decent Amiga emulation. Portable Amiga gaming is quite a luxury and these have gone down in price now. This port of UAE surely runs much faster than the PSP version (The Caanoo is faster than the PSP).

But DJay, if you want to play AMiga games in your big TV, you are MUCH better off buying a cheap Netbook and running WInUAE. Even a small one like my Asus 900HA runs WinUAE full speed on most everything and it looks gorgeous on the TV.
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