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Floppy disk X-bEnCH 0.3 Alpha

X-bEnCh, the game launcher (& More) is back in 2k+12 with a new release.

What's new ?

- Curt Cool as joined the team as musician so there's 3 new cool songs from Curt Cool (Menu, launcher and setup).
- Can now use manual/script launch list as like as whdload/exe.
- New "Floppy look" loading screen when launching a game/tool.
- The suffixe .slave or .exe in now blanqued in the list launcher.
- Fadding/Unfadding effect added.
- Sliding color effect added on the main menu text.
- Code optimised (Faster and smaller)
- Resolved some bugs.

You can download this release here:

A short short video is available here:
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