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Originally Posted by rossi46 View Post
I use my A1200, 4mb ram card, 2GB CF drive and monitor for learning AMOS. (Or will do when the bits I'm waiting for arrive...)

I've only recently dug the old girl out of storage and I'm in the middle of tarting her up for the reason listed above. This led me to wonder what other practical uses the old hardware might have in these days of Smartphone apps and stuff?

What do you do with yours?
Bought an 030 accelerator with 68 megs of RAM from Amigakit, got a 4 gig CFCard, a nice screen for it, a CD-ROM and a PCMCIA ethernet adaptor.

Makes a superb machine for listening to mods, playing old games, using apps like DPaint, Imagine, Lightwave etc. I just play with stuff from Aminet and old magazine cover CDs.

On-line it also makes a great machine for IRC, I leave IRC open on it while I work on my main PC, also the web isn't too bad in IBrowse if you ignore CSS etc. It's still a useable machine.

I also read old diskmags and just mess around with software/apps I enjoyed as a kid, very nostalgic, upgrade and tweak Workbench, try hacks etc.

Originally Posted by Matt020 View Post
Do you have a perminant spot on a desk for the Amiga and its bolt on accessories? She takes up a bit of room. Do you want to have her out in the sunlight receiving UV and O2 which ultimately will make her go yellow?
My A1200 lives on its own desk right next to a window, but I always leave it covered with a thick tea-towel when not using it.

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