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Originally Posted by ChucklesII View Post
I guess they put Nintendo 64 as high as they did
for Super Mario(?)
No kidding. The N64 looked good on paper but the 64 bits of the CPU were rarely used, textures were very limited and there were many bottlenecks in the design. Also, it was never that popular losing out to the PS1. The real cult creation was the original NES. I would think the top of the list should look something like this in U.S.?...

1) NES - Hugely popular with classics as Mario and Zelda
2) Atari 2600 - Don't make fun! Created it all.
3) PS2
4) Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
5) Super Nintendo
6) PS1
7) C= 64
8) Colecovision
9) Nintendo Wii
10) Amiga/CD32

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