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Please can you post some more pics and details of this unit how you have it configured.
Yea sure....

I made it myself from 3/4" MDF. It was very much trial and error to get the measurements correct. I wanted a machine that looked nice and wouldn't look out of place in my living room.

I took out the motherboard of my A1200 and mounted it onto a piece of 1/2" MDF that slots down the inside right had side of the machine.

Connected to the motherboard is....

1 x Scan doubler / Flicker fixer
2 x ps2 keyboard adapters
1 x IDE Compact Flash Card (2GB) - With WHDLoad + Games ;-)
1 x Elbox 4/8MB Fast Ram Card
1 x Floppy Terminator for fast booting
1 x Joystick Splitter - So you can use your own joypad if you want
1 x ps2 Mouse adapter with Optical Mouse
1 x ps2 mini keyboard
1 x ipac style keyboard encoder (home made)
1 x A500 PSU 60 watt type

The glass top is toughened 6mm BS safety glass.
There are two 120mm case fans, one on either side of the machine on 5v rail.
The black wood laminate material is similar to 'fablon' but much thicker.
The legs I purchased from a local DIY store.

Thats it really. I havn't got any more pictures at the moment (sorry)
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