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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
Games(tm) magazine rates the Amiga 9th in its...
Greatest games machines of all time poll..

15. Gameboy
14. Nes
13. Zx spectrum
12. Commodore 64
11. GameCube
10. PC
9. Amiga
8. Playstation 3
7. Dreamcast
6. Mega drive
5. Nintendo 64
4. Playstation
3. Playstation 2
2. Super nes
1. Xbox 360

"Amiga gamers famously refused to let go of the format for years after commodore's demise in 1994, and, if the results of games (tm)'s poll are anything to go by, that passion still burns strong to this day"
A stupid games console plays games/internet gaming. A games machine like the Amiga does the same but more, lots more... You can create universe's with the Amy

Consoles are dumb.. Turn them on and off.. No personality..

Amiga has a soul...
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