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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
I know a guy who's a member of this forum, whose main computer is an A1200 with 68030. He doesn't even have a peecee, because he hates the things.

To the married guys:

When your wife complains about spending money on Amiga hardware, just remind her of how much she spends on make up, bags and shoes

Carefull, without make up, bags and shoes, some women can look very, very plain indeed. Make up does some good things to women. Dont deny them the opportunity to make themselves look 3x better that whats really underneath. Its you thats gotta look at her the most.

There are a number of threads going around on the question of "What to do with an Amiga". Some dudes have them set up full time, in use, but I found the majority (myself included) have them shelved away, only bringing them out once every 6 months or so to fire them up for a couple of hours, before putting them away again.

Do you have a perminant spot on a desk for the Amiga and its bolt on accessories? She takes up a bit of room. Do you want to have her out in the sunlight receiving UV and O2 which ultimately will make her go yellow?
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