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Big grin Hi there :)

Where to begin ??

Oh well, it all started last summer. By chance I saw an ad on the Swedish version of the YellowPages ( this guy who wanted to sell an A500 and an A1200 with accessories.

It proved to be an A500 (512 Mb RAM) and a A1200 (2 Mb RAM) with 84Mb HD, an external floppy drive, some 30+ boxed games (some with manual - others without), 650+ disks and a bunch of mice and joysticks.

Throughout the summer I looked at it when I had the time and in the way I'd checked all the disks through for virus by using the Virus Checker V6.15 by John Veldthuis (Someone who can recommend a newer version or different scanner, better perhaps?).

Just before Christmas it went completely wrong (EAB is blamed for this!).
Without this informative forum, I had not gone so far as it would prove that I did:-D).

By pure curiosity I looked at to see what actually existed, knowing that Germany back 'in the day' was a huge market for Amiga (England was too far away). And before I knew it I had created an account and sat and looked around the entire eBay and was caught even more than I was this summer.

Now I sit here EXACTLY one month after I created my account here and on eBay .... and looking around the room - and can see:

A500 (512Kb)
A500 (512 Kb w/ KS 1.2/1.3
A1200 with 84 Mb HD w/ KS 3.0
A1200 with 4 Gb CF HD w/ KS 3.1
... both with Blizzard 1230, respectively, 128 Mb RAM and 8 Mb RAM
2 external floppy disks
2 CF Card Adapter with an additional 4 pcs 4 Gb CF and an 8-GB (one transmitter and send the rest SanDisk)
An even bigger pile of mice, joysticks and power supplies
5000+ disks
and a brand new LCD 32" TV

Original WB 1.2 / 1.3 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.5 and 3.9

.... Thinking: What the hell went WRONG ???

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