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Originally Posted by Lord_Santa View Post
the other thing I noticed which occurred very odd to me, was the fact that the left [A]miga key (the one in italic on regular A500's) was a C= logo (Commodore logo)

the odd thing was that the Power LED was bright red - hence I was a bit surprised
This is because it's an early A500 model, they all are like that (i.e. red power LED and C= key)

Originally Posted by Lord_Santa View Post
also, some claim that Kickstart 1.2 is more compatible than Kickstart 1.3 (backwards, that is) and that it can also run all Kickstart 1.3 games

is this true, or a mere rumor?`
Not true. There are enough 1.3 games/demos that use fixed ROM addresses, these won't work on 1.2. Thus it's wrong that all 1.3 games run on 1.2.
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