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@Djay: I first need to pimp my A4000, then I need to go through a million :-) disks to see whether they contain some usefull items (like old source codes). So plenty of things to do before active development may be high priority.

I did find source code of an Virusscanner I was developing when the Amiga scene 'died'. It was in an early stage (not near finished product). I tried to 'compile' but it contains source errors :-( which I did manage to fix but when running the Amiga crashes. Take into account that the last time I programmed assembly is around 10 years ago I have to get into it again. This takes time especially when many many other things also need to be done.
But I will take a look at the existing projects on EAB. Maybe, just maybe, I can be of any help.

@Mai: Depends on which 'Stein' :-). There are two towns / villages in The Netherlands with the name Stein. What's the user's boardname? If he still uses his 'old' nick I may recognize him.
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