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emulators on 680x0 amiga

Im a big retro game fan, and as such a bit of an emulator fan too.
After reading a few different issues of amiga format and enjoying the emulation section Im eager to try some emulators out on my a1200.
I must admit however that Im not overly well versed in what's good for a "real" amiga anymore. I got used to using my amithlon box for these sorts of things, and Ive just recompiled/ported whatever sdl options I was interested in (or used other peoples recompiles).

Im now interested in knowing what works, how well, and how fast on a real amiga though, so if anyone could add to this list Id appreciate it. Thanks.

680x0 mac: Shapeshifter/fusion/bassilisk2. Runs nicely on '020 + fast and upwards.

Sega Master System: AmiMasterGear. Runs full speed on '030+fast ram.

Gameboy: Wzonkalad. Runs nicely on aga + fast ram. Compatibility is limited to original GB, and even then only maybe %50 of games work.

Commodore64: MagiC64. 50mhz '030 needed minimum, and even then you need to set frames to 1/3 and speed is only about 85%. '040 will give you full speed without sound, or close to full speed with sound and 1/2 frames. '060 is close to "perfect".
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