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Ok, try it ... and explain it to me later, as it seems it doesn't have a GUI and you have to run the games from the shell it opens if I'm not wrong.

I found this on the Web about it:
" A few quick last minute notes about this prerelease. Sorry for this
crap documentation, but I am flying to Europe in one hour and wanted
to rush this prerelease out for people to play!

- You must ensure that you use a stack of at least 1 Meg. Future
versions will automaticall increase the size of the stack

- There is no GUI yet, so you must start it with "WarpMAME gamename"

- Keyboard mappings are slightly different on the Amiga - Del turns
the FPS counter on/off and Help does a snapshot

- You can make screenshots in different directories using the
-screenshotdir command line option, and can hide resolutions which
are too small to play the chosen game in the RTGMaster requester,
by using the -hidesmall command line option

- The -soundcard option works slightly differently on the Amiga. Even
though there is no Sound code available yet, the Sound hardware is
still emulated internally, as many games rely on it. If you specify
the option "-soundcard 0" then this will disable the internal
Sound hardware emulation, usually giving you a nice speedup.
However, some games may not work properly with this option, so use at
your own risk!

It wasn't working for me... I mean with warpmame Galaga or others, and I put the roms in the same directory. Perhaps must be in another. Don't know.

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