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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
And Alien Fish Finger 1.31, fo course
BUt that's a 1995 game. I don't understand really. I haven't tried it though.

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
That seems like a low, backhanded way of putting down everyone else's Amiga game projects, Akira.
No way, that it is not.
I think good quality in a game is essential, and of course this game has been years in development, but most importantly, it has been started with the right mindset: to do it like a pro game. Coded in ASM, nice level layouts, and the fact that it takes timne before new versions come out means the creator(s) have self quality assurance controls as not to let any old shit come out there.

I'm not even referring to how close to completion this game is. It was already great when it was released as a simple Halloween demo. I am talkinbg about quality assurance.

In all, my comment is for other people to take example from these masters and put up their game.
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