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Hi Haunted360
Originally Posted by Haunted360 View Post
My father, was an Amiga developer for Commodore. He got this development kit from them (Garry Mason of Lane Cove Sydney Australia), and it has been packed ever since.
I remember the old Commodore factory at 67 Mars rd, that's going back a few years now!

Chances are the disks are for a flavour of SunOS1.x (BSD4.1).
The original Amiga Macro Assembler manual (v1.1?) details the use of the cross assembler environment. You can probably find a link to the manual on here somewhere.

This page (in one of the comments):
"Software on 5.25″ Disks :
- Lattice C cross libraries (v1.1 26 Dec 1985)
- Lattice C Cross Development Headers (v1.1 26 Dec 1985)
- Lattice C cross Compiler (v1.1 26 Dec 1985)
- Cross Assembler (v1.1 26 Dec 1985)
- Assembler Cross Development Headers (v1.1 26 Dec 1985)
- A letter from David Street (Manager of Technical Support and Software Development) to the Developers.
- I have to read the cross dev manual to see on which systems the 5.25″ disks are made to run, but it’s possibly for sun…"
have some rather interesting info on early "Tripos"/"AmigaDOS" which you may find interesting as well.


P.S. I still live in Lane Cove... ironically right next door to the "SAS institute" (of Lattice/SAS compiler fame).

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