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@ Predseda - Good point! I think a 'robot' or 'mechanoid' is a self automating machine, an 'android' is a robot that looks like a human, a 'cyborg' is part human part machine, while a 'bus' or a 'car' is plainly a tool which can only be operated by humans and cannot function on it's own (such a tool may also include the Walker - but not K.I.T.T).


Best Robots:
Joey from BASS - a solid winner
The bosses on Ruff n Tumble
The level 2-2 cyclops boss in Turrican 2

Worst Robots:
The main character in G.Nius
The robots in Mission Impossible 2 (kill him my robots!)
The robots in Sexy Droids
Anything featured in the game Nightshift
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