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Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
It's a corker on the iPhone and iPad. 2player same device works really well on the iPad.
Thanks wilshy, really happy you like the 2 player splitscreen mode. The other new feature with Game Center achievements such equally keep you well motivated

Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
Great news! When will Hybris be out for iOS and Android?
If everything goes as expected with the Android conversion and it sure looks like it I see no reason for not seeing Hybris on Android devices too

Originally Posted by pmc View Post
One of my favourite Amiga games.

When this updated version comes out for Android it's gonna have to be a compulsory purchase for me
pmc, That's fantastic to hear. Really gives us fuel to keep it going

Here is a screenshot of the Android version work in progress:

Originally Posted by MrX_Cuci View Post
Seems they code on AmigaOS 4 aswell. Would be nice to have it back ported to the original platform. Fund rasier?
Yes goldencode also has AmigaOS 4 on it's credentials You want to start a fundraiser to support an AmigaOS 4 version?

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