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Amiga Development Kit Disks from Lane Cove Australia

Hello. I am new to these forums, but I wanted to join because I have something a little rare I believe.

My father, was an Amiga developer for Commodore. He got this development kit from them (Garry Mason of Lane Cove Sydney Australia), and it has been packed ever since.

I would love to rip them so I can back them up to a secure data source, but my 5.25" floppy drive he and his friend made is not working. My father said, that the drive was a project him and his friend were working on, to sell to commodore. Commodore were not interested in a 5.25" drive. However, a few months later, they launched there own onto the market (stole his idea basically).

I get 1.25 volts out of the DB-23 cable, and not 12 volts. I will have to figure this one out later. The drive however, was used on an Amiga 1000. I am trying on a 500.

Anyway, here is a photo of the dev kit from Commodore. The date on the kit, states 'December 1985'. I dont think the four, five and a quarter inch diskettes would have even retained there data up till now. Lets hope they do, and Natasha is a good quality company.

Please let me know if you have ever seen this kit before.

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