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Just to add my little bit. Good luck with Downfall Graham! (I'm sure that name rings a bell for some reason? - is it like the twiddly knobs game?).

Anyway, if there are any other programmers stuck for ideas I'd like someone to program a Top Trumps game for the amiga. It's probably a game many coders could have a go at seeing as it's only a card game with an algorithm to match and compare stats. I don't mind which card sets anyone uses - supercars, warriors, aircraft, supermodels, bands, amiga game heros - it's up to the programmer. If it's anything like Klondike it may be possible to select from a range of card sets, and if the game were to use a single iff image (map) for the cards it may be possible to have fans input there own card designs and stats (with or without a construction kit feature). Perhaps there is already a game of this type on Aminet that I missed, dunno.

If that sounds a bit too easy, I'll ask so see if Lee Hurley Productions can make something of it.

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