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Eh eh interesting you talk about this demo because i saw it yesterday for the first time on my CPC with bubble bobble 4.

The demo is really incredible yes, but i am partially agree with you. I mean that to do a demo is one think, to do a game totally another one. Most of the demo are using a very big part of memory (sometimes the almost total of memory) for one effect. In a game all is very different, you have many many constraints. To proove that for example you can do a real time zoomer in a demo doesn't proove at all that you can do this in a game. And it doesn't proove that you can't do this too.

I remember one article in the french magazine Joystick written my Andrew Braybrook during the creation of the amiga game "Uridium 2". He was talking about a sinus effect he had to do with a very small size of RAM, comparing it with the same effects on demo.

In my opinion, the main problem at the time was the time left to the developpers to do a game and the total lack of quality control during the process.

Some CPC games are still "the best ever" todays and until a demo group prooves me the contrary, i will think that games like AMC, Barbarian 1 & 2, Operation wolf, Target renegade, Renegade, Gryzor, Robocop or Batman the movie, Chase HQ, Arkanoid 2 are taking advantages of the CPC as much as it could be possible to do. I did read by the past that the two coders Mike Lamb and John Brandwood were doing a competition to save the maximum cycles as possible in Z80 asm.

Games today would be better yes but not necessary as much as we can think. They would be well polished, systematically with demos effects like ruptures, rasters, a better soundtrack. The knowledge would egalize the quality but not necessary make possible "really impossible things".

I am still waiting someone who can make a sequel of Target renegade or Gryzor.

With Paul Kooistra is one of the guys today that can make this possible, Star sabre is really an impressive game with a perfect playability.

And Mr Gonzalez did a so perfect job with BB4, you are THE MAN to achieve this monumental classic cult game !!!

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