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Originally Posted by Gilloo View Post
If you got a A600 and a A604 and a subway, proceed as follow:
Uncompress anaiis.lha in a directory.
Launch Anaiis program, select the "Preferences" panel, select "System" subpanel, select "Subway" with the pseudo cycle button (click to go forward, Shift + click to go backward) then input 0x00d90001 in the "Param1" field.
Close Anaiis program (the preferences are stored in s
Then you can launch usbstart.
Launch Anaiis, "Hardware" menu, you should see the subway. "Statistics menu", you should see the subway and some hub activity.
enjoy !
I haven't been following this project very closely, so I don't know much about it. What are the advantages, or reasons for using Anaiis instead of Poseidon? Is it only the fact that Anaiis will run on Workbench1.3 and Poseidon won't (not sure that is even true)? Can anyone give me a short summary of the Pro's and Con's of each USB stack?

Edit: I own an A600 w/ACA630 & A604 that I might consider installing a Kickstart switch into to run 1.3 & 3.1 for certain game compatibility, but from what many people have written, this is not really needed if a degrader program and a remapped KickROM is used and/or WHDLoad (which I have purchased).
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