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Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
There must be some kind of basic for Linux mustn't there?
There's FreeBasic. Works on linux and windows. Does graphics out of the box (both the slow 'line/pset/circle/etc.' kind and the much faster direct memory access type). Allows C/C++ like coding (and has a few OOP features), but allows quite simple programming as well. In combination with FBEdit (windows only?) it becomes REALLY easy to use (setup under windows is also easy). And of course it's a compiler.
Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
Edit: Vintage Basic - c64 style. Was that any good?
Absolutely not. Actually, all those 8bit basic interpreters just sucked (and still do, including MSX basic), that's why many people always moved from BASIC to assembly language. Really only suitable to get a glimpse of what coding is all about, and although C/C++ is perhaps a bad beginners language, those old interpreters aren't much better (they don't allow certain basic things that beginners should learn). Learning 68000 assembler as your first language wouldn't be much worse
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