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WinUAE Stuck in PAL; NTSC setting won't work

I just downloaded the latest WinUAE (0.8.22) and I cannot get the emulator to come up in anything but PAL anymore. I select NTSC on the "Output" Menu and select 640x480 to play games (e.g. Deluxe Galaga, which finally seems to work right here so far) and my Workbench comes up in PAL, but with the bottom cut off. Even though I selected NTSC, the Output Menu now shows PAL selected. Selecting NTSC again doesn't do any good. It just goes right back to PAL.

I can tell it's in PAL because the bottom of the screen is cut off (e.g. Windows can move down below the visible display and in Deluxe Galaga my ship isn't visible). Sure I can select 800x600 and see the full display, but then I've got essentially a "window" within the rest of the 800x600 frame that isn't used (i.e. the game doesn't fill the monitor).

I have a real Amiga 3000 (NTSC; I live in the US) and I've moved all my stuff over to the emulator, but it's disappointing to see I can't use the emulated machine as an NTSC one and while I don't mind using PAL mode, I don't like having to use 800x600 to display it properly. I see there is an OpenGL option, but my sound tends to stutter when I turn it on and it doesn't look as clean as without it.

My PC is a 1GHz PIII with a Radeon 7500 and a Hercules Game Theater XP sound card and 288 MB of ram.

Also, I've noticed that the emulator is significantly slower than the last version I've used (0.8.8 I believe). Using SysInfo, I used to get just over Amiga 3000 speed in its Speed Test when I had a 400MHz Celeron. With the 1GHz upgrade I did, it now reads 2.56 times A3000 speed while the newer WinUAE reads 0.89 times Amiga 3000 speed and that's with the CPU slider set towards CPU. With the 'Fastest but keep chip cycles' setting, I get like 2x Amiga 600 speed (yuck).

On the bright side, games like Archon and Deluxe Galaga now seem to work as long as I put the emulator on Full Collision (and in Archon's case use 1.2 with the appropriate Ram settings to simulate an older model A500). A lot of my games that stopped working when I got my real A3000 are now playable again thanks to WinUAE.

I haven't tried WinFellow yet; how is it coming along? I have an old Dos version of Fellow, but I haven't checked the progress of WinFellow in a long time. How does it compare?
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