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I'm sorry I already posted this in another thread, but there are already two very good BeJeweled clones being worked on but they just need help from people in the community to finish them.

AGA needs a good tracker artist to compose some soothing, ambient music for the game.

Change It!
needs some low-colour skins made so it could look better on OCS systems, and it needs players and encouragement to go beyond a Workbench game and become a full-screen game.

I'm not opposed to new games, but these two could be completed properly with less effort than a new game programmed from scratch, so other games could be focused on.

I like Bust a Move/Puzzle Bobble. There were a few pretty good unfinished attempts I found on Aminet and on cover CDs, as well as a couple of commercial titles. I don't know if some of the others had source code available but I recall one was written in Blitz Basic I think.

I'd also like to see a fast, smooth-scrolling platformer with loads of colour and parallax, where you play a sack of foam beans who rolls around landscapes busting up nasties and eating jellies.

I would love to donate money towards Amiga games development but I don't have an income and find it pretty hard just to get by week to week. I'd definitely like to offer my help in any other way I could, with ideas, playtesting or inspiration.
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