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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
any work on a stock A1200 or an 030?
AmiJeweled AGA is still incomplete, they are in need of a good tracker artist to compose some soothing, ambient music for the game.

Rebel was working on a graphics set for Change It! Change It! works on any OS3 Amiga with enough RAM. I have even run it on my 4MB 68000 A600. It uses Intuition and the Datatypes system so the various skins available will remap themselves to your screen no matter what colour mode it's in, you just must have a screen resolution high enough for the game window to open in. 640x400 is large enough.

You can download Change It! here:

Sorry for going off-topic. As for what kind of game I think you should make, since it's a OCS side-scrolling engine I would have to agree with CMcK and think you should try to make a version or clone of Canabalt.
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