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Hi everybody!

Just a small introduction of myself.

I'm a long time Commodore (Amiga) addict from The Netherlands.

I bought my first Commodore (C64) computer before I was 10 years (don't know anymore the exact age). On the C64 I played games, learned myself typing and learned to program assembly.

Several years later I bought my first Amiga, an A500 and started to play games (again ) and learned to program in MC68000 assembly. Later on an A1200 and A4000 followed.

Then, around my twenties (I think) I went to buy an PC (486) which I needed for my education. Since then I moved more and more towards PC's. This was of course also triggered because of the ending of Commodore and the repeated failures of other companies to continue the Amiga story.

But the Amiga never went complete away from me and thus, since about half a year I'm rediscovering my old hobby: the Commodore Amiga. I got my A4000 fixed (batt. leakage) and am expanding it with new hardware (within limits) as it is a nearly stock A4000/040. First thing to add is a CF card i.s.o.f the old harddisks and a network card. I also replaced the FAN of the PSU to reduce the noise. I'm also going to look into assembler coding again (because it's fun).

So, here I am (again), back at the amiga scene.
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