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Good effort Graham, hope you are successful. I know you've decided and started work but I just thought I'd tag on a couple of ideas for games I'd like to see in case any anyone watching feels inspired by your efforts.

Someone said artillery style game, I agree. I'd like something like this but with a few added elements. Sort of a battlefield duel game with unknown enemy positions where you may get reconnaisance aircraft or special forces teams to go out and hunt for the enemy or help you aim, combined with a slightly more technical than say worms but still fun mechanism for firing your weapons. Could maybe be mission based, where you have to defend yourself or take cover while searching for particular targets to destroy in a time limit.

Inverted RPG, I would love this. Some sort of strategy game where you play a totally evil dark lord type. Commanding your hordes of minions to pillage and burn, sending out spys and assassins to waylay bands of heroes roaming the countryside before they turn up on your doorstep all tooled up with magic swords and the Amulet of NYRF
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