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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
I don't know much about Blitz Basic, but I'm willing to share Mr Beanbag's scrolling routines with you if that's any use. They are in 68k asm.
That'd be very kind of you. Blitz does support assembly language, although I should state I know absolutely nothing about it and just thinking about it would make my head explode. Even so, if you could perhaps talk me through the logisitics of how it works, if you'd be willing and have the time, even briefly, that would be a great help to me if/when I decide to do something that requires proper scrolling - I can just about do a constant from-left-to-right scroll but anything else is a struggle for me at the minute. I imagine the principles are the same regardless of your choice of language.

Talking of which... I have started work on Downfall and am currently in the process of getting the scrolling sorted out. This is the most important part of the game to code and I have made some progress but have a couple of issues still to iron out. Even so, I've already learnt some new things (for me) so even at this stage it's been a worthwhile exercise. As soon as I have something tangible to show you all, I'll start a new thread on it
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