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Originally Posted by HenryCase View Post
Monkey, the successor to BlitzBasic, now compiles code for AmigaOS3.x and AROS targets. Can read the announcement here:

Homepage is here:

Wikipedia page is here:

Not sure what performance is like, but seems like a promising platform for some game development. Anyone interested in playing with it?
I notice that Monkey is only for Intel powered Windows, Linux & MacOSX machines, so apparently it won't run on any of my G4 or G5 Mac computers. I wonder if it will run under VirtualPC on a G4 or G5?

I also looked at the BlitzMax and Blitz3D products, which DO run on PPC MacOSX and wondered if they are a good product for beginning programmers? Not really for me, as I intend all of my programming to be on and for all of the Amiga inspired systems, but maybe for my Grandson, if he develops an interest in programming. Does anyone here have any experience with the latest Blitz Basic products (not counting Monkey)?

I don't think they are capable of compiling for the Amiga anymore, but it is great to see this new Monkey language is capable of compiling for AOS3.x & AROS. If it is system compliant, the executables should run on OS4 and MorphOS using the built-in JIT 68k translators, Petunia and Trance, respectively.

A little pricey at $120, but I have spent more than that on other programming tools already, and so far I have not written anything, so what is one more programming tool purchase for an Amiga addict like me?

Edit: I probably won't buy it, unless it is a gift for my Grandson's Windows laptop, as I am in the same camp as gibs and Diablothe2nd and would prefer to code on and for an Amiga system.
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