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Originally Posted by gibs View Post

This wrong. Jens communicate a lot on the Chameleon 64 forum !!!
I think he is busy with this product.

They are rewriting the VGA driver (maybe to get smoother scrolling throught the VGA, I said maybe) so it can be good for the Indivision too
I would not be too quick to say that "This wrong" and accuse Jens of communicating on the Chameleon 64 forum site as a reason some other projects are taking longer. I think that Jens has other people working with and for him that do some of this work, so if he takes some time out of his day to write some forum posts over there, "I" would not complain about it.

Maybe he writes to the forums at night from his bed before falling asleep on a laptop and this does not interfere with his work at all, who knows?

Good hardware for Amiga's takes time to make.
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