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Happy Hello! A bit late... :D

So finally a 'hello' to everyone here I either forgot that I already posted here or just never actually did - since everyone here always was such a great help and source of information, I felt that it's finally time for a proper introduction

I am playing games for quite a long time now with passion and the Amiga is what really started it all Actually it was a Gameboy I guess... no wait it must have been an 800XL - ah well the Amiga is what made the lasting impression back then My love for games such as Turrican or Shadow of the Beast greatly influenced me (as you can see from my current signature - sorry if you read this a few years into the future, the links might just be gone ) Gaming and especially the Amiga is an important part of my life, ranging from collecting specific Amiga titles, playing a lot of the original titles with friends and has also led me to start working in the games industry.

I visit these boards regularly (or sometimes not so regularly...) for quite some time now. You guys were always a great help and my constant questions about how to get this game done or where to find that specific information were nicely answered with expertise every single time.

So prepare for some more threads I am about to start here and take care
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