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no need for a CRT to have true arcade quality screen in MAME, just add scanlines to bring back CRT looks on an LCD.
And use an LCD with a pivoting screen, so you can put it in portrait mode for those games requiring it (set rotation in game properties), so you never have to worry about black borders. 19" or higher 4:3 or 16:10 monitor, not the common 16:9 widescreen LCD.
And use a competition pro joystick to play, makes it even more genuine

Amiga games mentioned here already get my vote too, but do not forget SIDEWINDER from 1988 which was identical on Amiga, because the arcade version was... powered by a modded A500 board! Same for Lemmings btw, but Sidewinder was an awesome vertical shmup with cool sfx and smooth scrolling.
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