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There aren't that many games that were released on CD32 anyway:

So it should be quick and easy to check those which have not been released on other Amigas. Then knowing if there is some exclusive content compared to the other Amiga versions would be another story (like the "enhanced" CD32 version of Speedball 2)

If someone can double check, we can try and make this collaborative (also using the info. already here)

Here are those I could find:
Amiga CD Football :
Camel Racer (CDTV too):
Castles II:
Defender of the Crown II (CDTV too):
Final Gate:
Gangster Pursuit (CTDV too):
Labyrinth of time:
Litil Divil:
Pinocchio (CDTV too):
Pirates! Gold:
Prey: an alien encounter:
Sharks (a shareware game):
Summer Olympix:
Trivial Pursuit (CDTV too):
Ultimate Body Blows:
Will Bridge Initiation Junior (listed as MIA so I can't guarantee anything):

Two specific cases:

Kang-Fu (well, apparently it just requires a CD-ROM drive and probably an AGA chipset, so not really sure):
Same thing for Wandetta 2175:

Insight dinosaurs and Insight technology are edutainment titles (CDTV too):

I don't count compilations like Humans 1 & 2 since the titles were released individually on other Amigas.

So if you also remove the titles that are CDTV-compatible, the list is quite short.

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