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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
Dunny: Strange then really this hasn't been identified as another possible problem for those that want to learn. Potential programmers might not even know if they wanted to or not because they can't even see the concept of what programming is when presented with it in a harder form
I agree that it is strange - programming is very obscure compared to what it was when we were younger. I will be watching the new ICT courses they're offering at schools with great interest...

Though I suspect they'll likely jump in with HTML to get their feet wet and move up to Java from there; although Java is only slightly less obscure a language than C (and certainly no worse than interpreted BASIC for performance), it's runnable just about everywhere and is therefore most applicable for such a wide-ranging course as "programming".

But anyway, back to the Pi - I think it's just meant to be accessible. The price point is tiny, and kids can buy one for pocket money these days. That removes "tech" from the birthday/christmas present list and into the realms of "I'll just pick one of those up this weekend", which could never happen for ... well, anything really - even your Nintendo handhelds can't compete with that kind of price-point.

I expect that the first few thousand will be acquired by geeks and kids with an interest in that sort of thing, but once more and more info arrives on the web about what you can do with them, I suspect that more people will be demanding them. They attach to the TV, a mouse and keyboard. They'll play games (not great ones, this is linux on ARM after all, but new stuff is being ported all the time) and they'll do "web and email".

It's a good start.

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