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Sorry to take this off-track a bit, but even with highscore tables, I think the game wouldn't necessarily be ideal for the compo because you can go back and play levels any time you like when you've completed them (although later stages have their own maps and you can't go back to the first five zones). And when you lose a life all the beans and other pick-ups 'respawn' (for want of a better word).

I've never had the bug you've described nor the game crashing on exit and I've played it loads and loads for review purposes so I've been a bit lucky I think.

I think there's a lot of graphical variety and loads of nice touches throughout the game, especially the later levels. In particular I think the special stages are tremendous and there's plenty of routes and secret bits (apparently) throughout the levels so I think there's quite a bit of motivation to go back and play it. But some of the level design itself leaves a lot to be desired in some places (leaps of faith, and in the Indian zone, spikes that pop up out of the ground with no prior warning which is pretty poor).
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