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Just played this for the first time today. Not too bad, although there are still some bugs: (I got stuck on level 2-1!)

I think a highscore table is a MUST for this game, not only because of the compo, but because it is a very easy way to stimulate repeated plays. As it is there is hardly any motivation to beat your previous score; and the only motivation comes from wanting to see the next level.

The unlimited continues is rather annoying - I think 3 should be the maximum allowed. There's nothing more boring than repeatedly going back over the same ground, dying, and having to do it all over again.

I didn't realise at first that the jellybeans work in the same way as Sonic. It may be a nice feature to have the beans bounce out of the character (like the rings in Sonic) just to indicate what has happened. So many times I've died because I thought I had beans in reserve but didn't.

Perhaps the score panel could be colour coded to represent the various elements? As the icons are all yellow at the moment it can be difficult to pick out a gem or bean total in the heat of play.

The latest version also hangs when you try to quit back to WB. - as already mentioned.

Just some ideas there. Keep up the great work.
Readers of this thread can also expect a full interview with the maker of this game on quite soon.

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