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Originally Posted by imigger View Post
but as for the thread we will wait and see but ill say goodbye to it now ,just like all the other cheap computer bbc sinclair and countless others.
You mean those Sinclair, BBC and Commodore 8Bit machines that took the 80s by storm, were present in pretty much every household in britain and started a computer revolution in the UK? Those machines that were single-handedly responsible for teaching an entire generation (or three) how to code?

Here's a hint for you - they were so popular because they were cheap enough for anyone to buy their kid for christmas. Back when computers were thousands of pounds for a machine that could barely struggle to draw graphics, they were available for a couple of hundred pounds and did more than most people ever dreamed that a computer could do.

Originally Posted by P-J View Post
I'll be interested to see what they offer regarding development tools. Perhaps a complete system with documentation to tutor the user through their first program, and so on.

Much like in the 'golden-age' that someone described above. Not my words though
We need an "instantly available" BASIC interpreter out the box - something to encourage kids to start learning to code... :-D

Actually, all joking aside, if the first language that kids come across with one of these is "C", we're getting it wrong. I started coding in Sinclair BASIC at age 7, and there is no way on earth I would have been able to code in something as convoluted and complex as C or C++ at that age, and what we really need to do is to capture their imaginations as early as possible. Once their minds mature somewhat at age 11-13 then they can upgrade to the higher (or lower) languages, just as we did with the transition from BASIC to 6502 or z80.


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