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Cloanto bashing on EAB

Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
>GIF support is there (for example: DataTypes and Personal Paint in the Workbench 3.X environment), and I am not aware of any missing files.

I was taking their word for it, I guess I should have known not to believe them. According to their current page it isn't. Maybe you should read it.
I did read it, did you?

It says that some items were licensed multiple times out of what appears to be an eccess of prudence. It doesn't say that items were removed, except (last paragraph) for the prohibitively expensive MP3 code. Unlike Haage & Partner, Cloanto had a license for the GIF, so why should they have removed that? And they also obtained the TCP/IP files with a correct license (unlike Haage & Partner).
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