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OK, today my DVD of CU Amiga arrived from Mort (thanks mate!). I also have been led to believe by a moderator that Mort has himself allowed you guys to use the images for AMR.

Would there be any objection if i made a PDF of the pages of an issue, to be released here for the people that want to participate in this event/challenge/experiement? on a month by month basis? I'm personally volunteering to clean up and straighten the images while i'm at it although it does mean i'll inadvertantly end up reading them too! so i guess i'll have to restrict myself only on the ADF images :P

I'm also looking for all missing pages of the January 1992 Amiga Format and Amiga Action for AMR.

perhaps this event/challenge/experiment could serve as a slow and steady way of improving AMR? or at least giving people a downloadable PDF which can easily be read on tablets/phones etc which can later be added to AMR? now there's a thought
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