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@synchro I agree with most of what you just wrote with the exception of the last part :-

Minouos if you got your way and cloanto got closed down and roms, amiga games etc were made highly illegal then bye bye amiga community. Just be thankfull no one really cares.
There would always be ways and means for the "Amiga Community" to survive, if it wasn't for the work done by crackers and the easy means of getting hold of games or software when the Amiga computers were still being sold back then, the Community wouldn't have been as big as it was. If there wasn't any PD, Piracy and people making their own games etc, the Commodore line of home computers wouldn't have been as popular as they were and still are.

Non of which had anything to do with anyone like Cloanto except maybe Amiga Explorer and Transrom etc but if you take away the likes of Amiga Forever, there will always be something to fill the gap and probably an equal or much better effort. There have been a few CDs for the Amiga in the past which to be honest made Cloanto's effort look pretty lame especially at the price, I suspect many of the older CDs were Pirate in as much as they didn't have a licence for any ROMS but as I say, there is always an alternative and once again a real Amiga or WinUAE and WHDLoad is a far superior product to own, regardless of where the ROMS are sourced.

Nowadays with CF transfer and hard drive methods, the important piece of software is WinUAE, it does just about everything and that includes setting up a hard drive for a real Amiga. Without WinUAE, the Amiga Forever CD would be pretty much useless other than an option for altered ROMS and workbench disks or maybe a coaster to put your coffee cup on.

In other words, I think its way past its expiry date especially for anyone who has used WinUAE and managed to set it up with hardfiles etc. For a beginner, well maybe its a start but I have said all that already.

The best I can say for it, is that its a gap filler till you learn something better that will cost you nothing and then you realise that the money you spent could have bought a CF Transfer setup or WHDLoad key etc .
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