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>Are you still working with that pre-Windows NT system?


>GIF support is there (for example: DataTypes and Personal Paint in the Workbench 3.X environment), and I am not aware of any missing files.

I was taking their word for it, I guess I should have known not to believe them. According to their current page it isn't. Maybe you should read it.

>Ask a lawyer if you can copy a ROM from one computer and use it somewhere else (not for "archival" or "backup") and please share the response here.

So therefore all emulators are illegal then. Which, as I just pointed out, is not the case. And even if it were this would make Amiga Forever illegal.

>To the contrary, I believe that an EULA may allow for a copy, if the owner so chooses. But I don't think the EULA that came with the Amiga computers, if one did at all, mentioned such an allowance.

I'm not going to repeat myself, so refer to my earlier post.

>You are mentioning a company (H&P) that was using GIF code without a license from Unisys, MP3 code without a license from Fraunhofer/Thomson, and who (according to Amiga) kept selling "Amiga OS 3.9" without a valid license... It doesn't sound like this "no problem" came from a reputable source, does it?

You can slander H&P all you want, they have done more for the Amiga than Cloanto ever will. You say nothing ever happened to Amiga Inc. in court, the same applies to H&P, you can't have it both ways.
Everyone knows Bill McEwen's Amiga Inc. operation is as shonky as they get so I wouldn't pay much attention to what he says.

>It doesn't exactly say that it is "completely legal" ("Copyright law may not allow..."), but it should be clear enough that it does not apply to making a copy of one piece of software for use on another machine. Plus the copyright exemption, if any, would apply only to libraries and similar institutions.

So every emulater author and user is a criminal then. I don't think so and the page you referred to doesn't say that.

>An Amiga ROM chip is an original part. I don't see a problem combining different original parts (not duplicating them) for repair purposes. Do you?

No, but what has this got to do with anything?

>Copying unmodified copyrighted ROM and other software files without a license is a different thing. It involves no work, and it is very simple to define: it is theft.

Dumping a ROM is theft then? Why don't you go complain to the MAME developer and dumping teams about it then, I'm sure they will laugh at you.

You can learn more about emulation on this very nice site:

>I have, and that's why Hyperion was not able to use the 3.9 code to make 4.0 (they had to revert to 3.1), remember?

That's not the reason. It was nothing to do with patents, they didn't have the source code for OS3.9. Why don't you use Google before posting?

>Plus, it is well known that Cloanto will give the source code to any developer who asks for it to try to port it. Several people got it already. Their stated goal is to make it build on at least one of AmigaOS 4, AROS or MorphOS before releasing it to the public at large. There were recent discussions about this on

OS4 has been around for over half a decade and the others for even longer and they have only now decided to open source it, it's probably too late for it to do much good.
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