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Anti-copyright movement on EAB

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To save any further confusion...
The fact that guns are legal in many countries doesn't make killing people at random legal, does it?

To save any further confusion, let me quote from the Amiga Forever and Amiga Explorer EULAs:
  1. "This Software is intended for use only with properly licensed media, content and content creation tools. You agree to use only those materials for which you have the necessary patent, copyright and other permissions, licenses, and/or clearances."
  2. "You agree to only use the ROM imaging functionality of Amiga Explorer for lawful purposes. Examples of lawful purposes may include the backup of ROMs, if allowed by the laws applicable in your jurisdiction, and the analysis of ROM versions in order to use a specific ROM version that was licensed separately with the Amiga Forever software."
The software is shareware and the download is public, so everyone can check this:
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