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Cloanto bashing on EAB

Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
If it worked better as intended, eg. they rectified the missing and obsolete files this would go a long way. Eg. there is not even any GIF support due to patent issues, but that patent expired years ago.
Are you still working with that pre-Windows NT system? We now have the year 2012, and the version of Amiga Forever is 2012, we can't keep talking forever about things that are 5 or 10 years old. If you don't have anything to say about the current version, why say anything at all?

GIF support is there (for example: DataTypes and Personal Paint in the Workbench 3.X environment), and I am not aware of any missing files.

Had you followed the news over the years you would know that Cloanto was probably the only Amiga company that actually had a license and was paying the royalties to have the GIF there even while the patents were valid. The other Amiga companies, from ESCOM/Amiga to Haage & Partner were just pirates in this respect. Yet you keep bashing Cloanto. Is it because they respect laws, whereas your site was shut down (but not by Cloanto) because of its "inappropriate" content?

Why do you keep making inaccurate statements, when you recently brought this thread back to life claiming to want to correct some mistakes?

This whole "Cloanto debate" thread begins with "The fuckin Kickstart and Workbench should by now be a free download", continues with gems like "A recent study of prostitutes well learned in the craft of sucking balls showed that even that is preferable to using Amiga Forever" and ends with more lies (I call them lies because you claim to verify things).

Why this lot of obscenities and incorrect statements has not been deleted instead of being locked and re-opened again escapes me. Amiga sites were not like this in the old days...
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