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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
I use ANIMATED. It allows me to make cartoons from anims created in deluxe paint. I can freeze frames/add sound effects to frames slow down and speed up the anim. Ive been lookin for 3 years and cannot find ANYTHING like it on the pc. All people have reccomended is flash someting or other. Which is not what i want. ANIMATED is a dedicated anim creator and the pc has nothing that is even close. I do use WINUAE as i can have 8mb of chip and 64mb fast to produce my anims which is better than a real amiga. Then use WINUAE to save the output as an avi file then burn to a dvd. The amiga (even the its under emulation) simple cannot be beaten and these progs are nearl 20 years old!!
Hey, nice program, its very cool too! Its like a tiny non linear video editor but for animations!

I remember that I did read something about a program to edit animations in a AmigaWorld issue, and it looked like this program, this program should be it.

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