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Unhappy [Hoax] Folding A-EON Technology

Trevor has posted the following on a couple of the other forums.

With great pain I must inform you that I've decided to fold A-EON Technology.

The financial and personal burden has grown too heavy for me to handle, and with the A-EON partners backing off I'm left with no choice but to fold the company.

The current run of AmigaOne X1000 boards will be the only one made. The beta testers can keep their boards if they so choose, and the remaining boards will be set up for auction at a later date.

I'm sorry for this disappointing and unfortunate turn of events but there really isn't anything I can do.

Thanks for everyone involved in the X1000 project. It was fun while it lasted.

Best regards,

Trevor Dickinson

Although the system was out of my price range, it was nice to see someone attempt to bring out something new.
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